How to test the performance of wire rope rigging
The main content of the inspection is to identify the appearance, twisting quality and internal properties (especially mechanical properties) of wire rope slings.
The mechanical performance test of wire rope sling includes whole rope test and split test, and the samples are all intercepted in the stranded wire rope sling. The entire rope breaking force test is carried out on a tensile testing machine. According to the specification of the wire rope sling, the two ends of the sample are fixed with different clamps, so that the clamps can clamp the sample and apply the force evenly to each strand of the sample. . The breaking tension of wire rope slings should meet the standards and be calculated according to relevant formulas. Some special wire rope slings should also be subjected to fatigue test, rubber adhesion performance test, flatness test, etc.
The inspection of wire rope rigging is an important guarantee for whether the product meets the quality requirements. Everyone must strictly conduct quality inspection to ensure that the wire rope rigging can only be used after reaching the quality standard, which increases the guarantee for safe operation!

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